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Ageless Health & Vitality:
3 Simple Steps to Reshape Your Body After 40

• Discover the three surprising things you need to STOP doing so you can release excess weight.

• Identify the hidden cause of emotional eating and what to do instead.

• Learn the #1 strategy to overcome hormonal weight gain.


If you’re frustrated at the way your body is changing as you age, this short workshop is for you!

There’s so much conflicting information out there about what to eat, how to stay healthy, and how to achieve and maintain your natural weight. It can be confusing and overwhelming!

Many of the old ‘rules’ on how to eat for weight loss and optimum health are changing—and if you are rigidly following them it can even lead to your body wanting to hang on even MORE tightly to that menopausal weight.

More importantly, these outdated weight loss methods totally skip over the most important element:  your emotions and your mind. As in WHY are you overeating, or craving and choosing foods your body doesn’t like in the first place??

Healthy choices, sustainable weight loss, and maintaining healthy habits begins on the INSIDE.

Join us on Zoom from anywhere in the world for this short online worksop and discover some answers that work for YOU.

Ageless Health and Vitality:
3 Simple Steps to Reshape Your Body After 40

Tuesday, September 29th, 4pm Pacific

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