Lighten up and Get Energized!

A Four-Week online group program.
Clear the sludge, reset your hormones, tame cravings
and head into this year feeling vibrant, light and free!


Yikes! It’s been a freaking year!! Most of us are more than happy to leave 2020 in the rear view mirror.

But who knows what’s next? Well, no one really. None of us have much control over how fast we can resume some semblance of normalcy …hugging, travel, gatherings, etc.

But one thing we CAN control is what goes on in our own bodies and minds!

And, I don’t know about you, but it’s been a bit of a shit show in there during 2020!

How about we take the month of January to detox our bodies, minds and spirits?

The Complete Detox program is your ticket to dropping some or all of those extra pounds that may have accumulated around your midsection (AKA the Covid 15).

It’s a chance to not only get yourself back to where you were, but to close out January feeling 10X better than you did last January!

You’re probably not going to many parties this year, but you can join THIS party…. Which will leave you feeling as vibrant as you felt 10 or 20 years ago… instead of depleted and regretful.

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The Complete Detox 4-week online group program is designed to support you with a physical and emotional detox. Reset your taste buds, your digestion, your hormones, and your mental outlook in just a few weeks.

This is not a ‘diet’. No, no, no!!  I hate diets, and my work is very anti-diet!

However, I do like cleanses …. I like getting back in touch with what I truly desire and what truly fuels my body and my spirit. And … I won’t say no to that nice little side effect of dropping some of that bloat and extra weight.

During the Complete Detox you’ll follow an eating plan that will nourish and rebalance your body. You won’t go hungry! Like I said I hate diets, and this is not about starving yourself or beating your body into submission.

You’ll also get support and tools to manage urges to eat off plan, feelings of deprivation and other emotions.

It’s more than simply dropping weight and shifting those hormones in the right direction. You’ll learn to comfort your inner rebel and manage your resistance to change.

Your clothes will fit better, your skin will look brighter and you’ll notice improved sleep and energy.

In just a few short weeks you can have a reinvented relationship with your body, with food and with yourself!

We start on January 4!


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The program is specifically designed to balance the hormone havoc that often causes unwanted weight gain – particularly in the midsection for women in the menopausal years and beyond.

It will set you up for maintaining the eating habits that will keep those hormones firing in the way that burns up that fat!

It’s an onramp to a lifetime of feeling good about your body and IN your body.

To get on that super highway and ensure lasting results, you have the option to choose the additional 1:1 support included in my signature program, The Menopausal Weight Release Solution.
If you know you want this, click here to schedule a call with me and I’ll give you all the deets.


What Exactly Does the Complete Detox Involve?


The suggested protocol consists of a basic Elimination Diet technique that will help you to discover any ‘culprit’ foods that are dragging you down, keeping weight on you, or causing fatigue, energy drops, digestive issues, or other unpleasant symptoms.

You’ll be amazed at how different you feel and how much your desire for these foods has lessened in such a short time. You also might surprise yourself with your newfound desire for greens and veggies.

And again—you’ll be well on the path to balancing those lesser known hormones that are often responsible for weight loss resistance in a woman’s body.

But… how can you possibly get through three whole weeks without eating some of your most favorite foods?

That’s where the group support, ACCOUNTABILITY, and the coaching comes in.

In addition to weekly group coaching calls, you’ll be invited to a secret private Facebook group where I’ll field questions and answers, do a little coaching online, and you’ll connect with others who are going through the same program and experiencing similar issues.

It’s so much easier to take on something like this with the energy of the group behind you!

You’ll learn new strategies that go way beyond Will Power. Things that most diet books and gurus never talk about.

We’ll use various life coaching tools, including EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to ease you through the resistance and feelings of deprivation.

You’ll receive guidance and assistance for moving through the inevitable obstacles and temptations that come up.

The Complete Detox is a hormone-balancing reset program.
You will NOT go hungry, you get to enjoy three meals a day while your body becomes rebalanced.
Your taste buds adjust to a greater enjoyment of whole foods and your stomach and gut will begin to shift into a positive and supportive balance.

Supplements are suggested but not required.

Plus we have a ton of fun! It’s a sisterhood of support.


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This has been a great success for me. I lost more inches plus more pounds as of last week.  I feel lighter, looser, I can move better, and my complexion is starting to look better. Because I feel so good, I’m motivated not to go off the program.”     

                              ~Marcy Apple, Portland


You’ll get weekly support that includes:

  • Training and instructions on the eating protocol. The how-to’s and why it’s helpful. You’ll get this as an e-book that you can print if you desire, along with an audio to listen to.
  • Shopping Lists – what to stock up on and what to put away
  • Recipes for daily meals and tips for putting together your own versions
  • List of suggested detox aids, such as supplements and essential oils
  • Instructions on how to correctly use EFT Tapping for food cravings and emotional eating.
  • Training and exercises to clear mental and emotional blocks, and to support your health and wellness.
  • Weekly Coaching calls where can get support for the issues you’re facing as you begin to detox and to work your wellness practices.Calls  are recorded, so if you can’t attend live you can watch/listen later. Even when you are not coached yourself, you will definitely get a lot of benefit from listening to others be coached and tapping along with the call.

Kick off 2021 as your best and most energized self! Let’s do this thing!


Join before Winter Solstice (December 21st ) and save big!

Program starts January 4 and runs for 4 weeks

Investment:  $397


Registration CLOSES on Sunday, January 3. Our first call is Tuesday, January 5. 

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The best part was noticing how much more energetic and less bloated (which I didn’t even know) I was feeling. I also lost 9 pounds, which I didn’t imagine would happen. I feel fuller with less than before now. And this motivates me to maintain a semblance of this way of life, really.”    ~K.A., Vancouver


Why this is different than other cleanses and detoxes?

Most detox plans are from a book or you read about them online. You’re on your own for implementing and it can be easy to get off track as life happens.

You’ve experienced it before… you start off with the best intentions. But then it’s simply too hard to stick to the plan so you quit early.
OR, you follow the plan but as soon as it ends you’re right back to your old, unhelpful eating habits.

This program gives you DAILY support and encouragement, and you will be coached and assisted in releasing your emotional attachments to foods and get ideas for handling that natural human resistance to change.

Unlike most other programs, this is a small group where you are guaranteed to get your specific, individual questions answered by the leader. Plus, you have the opportunity to be coached yourself on the group calls.

That’s why this is a physical AND emotional detox!

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We start on Monday, January 4th.  Registration closes at midnight on Sunday the 3rd.
Upon registration you will receive your shopping list and all instructions to prepare.

Intrigued?… but doubtful you’d be able to follow this plan? Not sure about baring your soul in a group?

Get in touch to talk about your options for personalized support.
You not only deserve this – you owe it to yourself to feel revitalized this year! I’m telling you it does wonders for your optimism and belief in yourself.