Grieving Ritual for Aging

An Experiential Workshop to Grieve, Release & Reinvent



Grief is a part of of the human experience.
And it is not limited to times of death and loss of beloved people and pets.

The Grieving Ritual for Aging is an opportunity to release the fear and resistance around aging so you are freer to visualize, create and experience your highest potential right now.

No matter what your age – 35 to 100 – if you are feeling worried or bothered by your aging body, or are noticing sadness about the passing of the years, this is for you.

This Ritual Experience  is your opportunity to step into the New Year with relief and clarity!

December 30th & 31st
10 am – 2 pm PST/ 1 – 3 pm EST
$25 USD
Zoom link sent upon registration



Grief is a normal emotion when circumstances or situations change.
Many people are experiencing grief over changes on our planet right now.

As the decades pass, eras of our life come to an end. With all endings there is grief.

Our bodies age… and natural grief arises with this as well.

In our culture of youth worship there is an undeniable sadness and grief for a body that will never operate or look quite the same as in the Spring or early Summer of this life.

Yet, with that change we come to a portal, a magical opening. Into a level of wild wisdom and connection to Spirit that was inaccessible in our more youthful days.

During the Grieving Ritual for Aging we will acknowledge and grieve our individual losses.

The experiences of those decades now can be more peacefully delegated to happy memories, and we can release the pain and gather the learning from the more painful experiences.

Through grieving and letting go of what once was we awaken to what is now possible.

We awaken ever more deeply to who we truly are.

You can connect to your courage to finally fully step into and embody your purpose for this lifetime.


Day One

We create a sacred and safe container to allow, express and release the our individual and collective grief that comes with the years passing.

We will connect to our griefs through ritual, tapping, writing and sharing.  As we grieve in community, together we will normalize all the different ways and reasons that we grieve. You will see how it is possible to find love and gratitude for yourself even in the grief.

Grief and gratitude are integrally connected.

On this day, you will look back on this year that is passing and acknowledge all that went WELL, along with what you are grieving and releasing.

This is a day of clearing and letting go.


Day Two

We come together to complete this phase of your grieving process, and to step through that magical portal celebrate your growth and the wisdom you now carry.

While it’s true that grief is an ever present part of our existence–so you are never complete – as you allow and release you naturally move into the phase of visioning.

As we integrate the release from Day One, you can now envision your Soul Purpose for this time of your life.

It is a day that we cultivate the courage to take the steps in that direction.

Your innate wisdom, and the wisdom of your experience becomes accessible.

You will be taken on a journey to meet your Future Self and allow her to help you connect to that wisdom, and envision where and what you are called to now.

As you join those dots, you will see yourself as whole and complete right now.

You realize you don’t need to know exactly how you get from where you are now to what you are envisioning. You just need to know your next steps.

From this wholeness, you will map out those next steps in this life adventure.


Your Future Self is waiting for you now.
She wants to pull you forward – in the direction of your dreams and your deepest Knowing.


Grieving Ritual for Aging
December 30th & 31st
10 am – 2 pm PST/ 1 – 3 pm EST
$25 USD


**No one is turned away due to lack of funds **