Reinvent Your Marketing – For Healers and Creatives

Are you a writer or an artist? Or… a coach, yoga teacher, or other healing arts practitioner?

Are you hoping to make a living—or at least some good money—from your healing and creative gifts, but you HATE the idea of marketing and selling?

You know you have to do it, but you just can’t quite bring yourself to make the time or to even figure out what to do.

Most healers and creatives would rather focus on using their gifts rather than figure out things like social media, websites and blogs.

I’m guessing you are far more in your element when you are doing your work than you are trying to sell yourself.

Even those very words “sell yourself” might make you cringe!

It’s scary to put yourself out there, risking rejection or worse.

And yet, and yet….

You want to reach more people. You would like your creative and healing work to be a full-time gig, one that actually pays the bills and leaves you feeling financially secure and free.

If this is you, then,

Reinvent Your Marketing – For Healers and Creatives

It’s time to Manifest Your Marketing Mojo!

Forget all the obnoxious marketing advice you find out there. No wonder you are cringing! You don’t have to hound people, you don’t have to do Facebook ads, you don’t even have to be on Facebook if you don’t want to!
(Although you may decide you do want to, in the way that suits just you.)

I can help you sift through all the BS and the kazillions of ways you could market your book, art or services, and find the ones that feel the most fun and joyful for you to nurture and maintain.

We discuss YOUR particular personality and needs, plus who is your ideal client/customer, and land on exactly the right marketing venues and outlets that bring you RESULTS from your marketing efforts.
Learn practical information about how to market in the digital age, in a way that doesn’t feel yucky or sleazy. Implement a marketing strategy that you will actually follow.

I walk you through the actual logistics of it all, such as getting set up on social media (if you decide on that route), what to actually put on there, how often to post, and more. If you don’t already have one, I can help you figure out whether you need a website, a blog or both.

I use my extensive experience as an entrepreneur who marketed her own business old school and new school, along with my life coaching training and EFT training to dissolve resistance and blocks so you can make this work for YOU.

Additionally I use my experience and training in Law of Attraction and Manifesting techniques to get the Universe and your Higher Self on board so you are not just going this alone – you always have help!

This is practical, but it also brings in a little woo. I am a pragmatic mystic – perfect mix of right brain and left brain.

If not now, then when?

I believe that at this time, it is crucial those who have healing gifts to come out of hiding, stand up for who and what they are, and use their gifts to help heal the planet.

I believe it’s time to transform an old pattern and story that healers and artists must starve and suffer if they want to do the work they are here to do.

Ready to find out more?

Book a free consult HERE. We’ll discuss your healing arts business and/or creative project and your goals and objectives for marketing.

Or – get started with Manifesting Your Marketing Mojo now!

Choose the package below that suits your specific needs:

Bust Through Your Marketing Blocks

3 Sessions to take place no more than 2 weeks apart.

Identify the REAL reasons why you hate marketing so much and learn new ways to think about it. Together we will come up with a marketing strategy that is uniquely tailored to you and your needs, and a plan for you to execute it.


Get Up and Running

3 months, 2 sessions per month. First, we identify the blocks, then together we devise and implement a marketing strategy that can work for YOU.

$195 per month, or $550 in one payment.

Manifest Your Marketing Mojo

6 months, 2 sessions per month.

I’ll take you from cringing at the idea of marketing to rocking your marketing strategy and seeing serious results.

We start at the foundation—healing your hatred of marketing and creating new story that you can BELIEVE. We identify the specific results you want to get from your marketing. Clients? Readers? Reviews? Signups?

We then move on to creating and implementing a specific marketing plan that fits your unique personality and business. One that you will actually follow through on. We work on this together, tweaking and revising as necessary

$195 per month, or $995 in one payment

All packages include:

  • Unlimited email support (and accountability) between sessions
  • Resources, worksheets, and other materials individually tailored to YOUR needs
  • Optional recording of the sessions
  • Specific Action and Alignment steps between each session

All sessions take place via phone, Zoom, or Skype.
In-person sessions available at my home office in San Miguel de Allende.
First session is 55-75 minutes, subsequent sessions are 55 minutes.

If desired, one or more sessions can be teaching-focused. Learn how to navigate the back end of your website, how to effectively use Facebook Business or Author Pages, or other specific client-based needs.

All packages can be renewed or upgraded at a 10% discount within 2 weeks after completing the package.