EFT Tapping and Matrix Reimprinting

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques. It uses the Chinese meridian system (just like in acupuncture) to move stuck emotional energy out of the body.

Its popularity is growing by leaps and bounds because it works, and it has been shown to be effective in hundreds peer reviewed studies.

Often referred to simply as ‘tapping’, EFT is an energy psychology technique that involves lightly tapping on specific meridian points with your fingertips.

EFT, and a related modality known as Matrix Reimprinting, are powerful because they help you get out of your head and into your body and heart to facilitate your own healing and recovery from small and large traumas.

I am trained in both EFT and Matrix Reimprinting and I have been using both modalities with clients for several years.

I often incorporate these modalities into my life coaching sessions. They are particularly effective for clients who find that self-limiting behaviors and beliefs keep stubbornly returning, even when they cognitively ‘get it’ and are ready to change.

HERE is a video where you can learn the EFT tapping points, and how to practice tapping on your own.


If you are interested in healing long-standing issues specifically with EFT and/or Matrix, read on for more information about each modality and how to book individual sessions.

Emotional Freedom Techniques

EFT was first developed by Dr. Roger Callahan in the 1980s, but it is rooted in the healing tradition of Chinese Medicine which dates back thousands of years.

Through finger tapping on specific points of the face and upper body, you access nonverbal portions of the brain (such as the amygdala or ‘reptilian brain’) which have triggered the Fight, Flight (or Freeze) response. Fight or Flight was a very helpful response in prehistoric times when we had to watch out for much faster animals with big teeth. Huge quantities of adrenaline and cortisol kicked in and all our energy went into our lower extremities helping us to survive potential attack.

Unfortunately, our bodies haven’t caught up with the changing times, and the Fight or Flight response kicks in when many non-life-threatening situations—such as getting cut off in traffic, getting the stink-eye from a colleague, or public speaking.

When we tap we reduce those cortisol levels, allowing our energy to return to the prefrontal cortex section of the brain where higher level thinking, creativity, and problem-solving occur.

I really enjoyed working with Sarah. She has a kind and loving heart as well as a lot of different tools in her toolbox for helping her clients. I found Matrix Reimprinting and EFT to be the most helpful for me, but I benefited from the thought work we did with in our sessions.

Sarah is very knowledgeable and has great intuition in determining what might be the best way to help you. I especially liked her follow-up emails recapping our sessions. They helped me to see the “big picture” better, and I was able to refer to them later for review, and that really helped me.

I highly recommend Sarah. Working with her made a huge positive difference in my life.

~ Z.A., San Francisco

The beautiful thing about EFT is that it’s a technique that ‘teaches you how to fish.’ Anyone can do it by themselves. In addition to working with a practitioner to resolve your deeper issues, you can use EFT on yourself to calm anxiety, reduce physical pain, and much more. (Like, say, working through your fears about aging!)

EFT sessions are painless (both emotionally and physically) and thousands of people (including myself!) have experienced relief from things like:

  • Addictions
  • Phobias
  • Allergies
  • Food Cravings
  • Anxiety
  • Negative core beliefs
  • Birth traumas
  • Relationship problems

I’ve personally been blown away at how quickly EFT can clear issues when people have ‘tried everything’ – including therapy, conventional and alternative medicine, and tons of other strategies.

Because of its ability to reach underneath into the subconscious layers and communicate with the part of your brain that is preverbal, tapping can work on issues that years of talk therapy didn’t touch. All that talking doesn’t do jack when it comes to reprogramming the subconscious.

It also works for issues that came up yesterday, or today.

EFT Tapping sessions are conducted either by video chat (such as Skype or Zoom), or over the phone. Many clients prefer the ease of receiving their sessions without having to leave home!


Matrix Reimprinting

I experienced such huge breakthroughs after experiencing a single Matrix Reimprinting session that knew I had to become trained and incorporate it into my coaching.

It is a ten-year-old energy psychology modality that is amazingly effective at releasing the charge from traumatic events (large and small), emotional and physical issues, and can help you realize your goals and dreams.

Matrix Reimprinting uses EFT tapping to access and transform subconsciously embedded limiting beliefs that were formed in childhood or even later.

Created by EFT Master Karl Dawson, it draws on ideas from quantum physics, Heartmath, inner child work, and of course EFT.

Often traumatic childhood experiences (even minor traumas or those experienced as an adult) live on underneath the surface, and no matter how many affirmations you make, those beliefs remain stubbornly intact, preventing you from moving forward in specific areas of your life.

Using this transformative technique we can literally ‘overwrite’ the problematic memory, thereby allowing you to finally neutralize the belief that was formed from the experience and to replace it with a new belief that serves you.

Matrix Remprinting lets you to release many sorts of traumatic experiences WITHOUT having to re-experience them or be re-traumatized!

My work with Sarah has been truly life changing. Through her patience and expertise with Matrix Reimprinting, I have overcome my life-long struggle of not feeling smart enough. After Reimprinting many childhood school memories, the blocks I had to learning have fallen away. This has changed so much in how I feel, I am more at peace with myself.

~ Carolyn Gravely, Berkeley, CA

This modality has similarities to hypnotherapy in that you are able to communicate with your past self who is experiencing the small or large trauma. You do this in the quantum field (sometimes called the morphic field).

But, since you are more directly involved, (you are not hypnotized and are fully conscious throughout the entire process), and since the upsetting memory and resulting belief gets replaced, many people find Matrix to produce quick results.

You not only can resolve the memories which contributed to the core beliefs, we can also instill new supporting beliefs and experiences. This in turn affects and transforms your current belief system in the present moment.

I’m continually amazed at how quickly Matrix Reimprinting (and EFT) clears entrenched issues when people have ‘tried everything’ – including therapy, conventional and alternative medicine, and tons of other strategies.

I incorporate Matrix Reimprinting in my coaching sessions, conducted over phone or Skype, with some sessions focused entirely on working with this modality. It is a truly amazing tool to support the shifts you are making with the coaching experience.

If you’re interested specifically in EFT and/or Matrix Reimprinting sessions, book a free 45-minute consult HERE.  We’ll talk about your needs and how I can help.