I really appreciate your thorough and grounded coaching session, as well as the follow up with great resources.

I so look forward to my next session with you. You’re a really good coach – I’m blessed I get these sessions with you!

~ Mitsuko Ito, Maryland

My work with Sarah has been truly life changing. Through her patience and expertise with Matrix Reimprinting, I have overcome my life-long struggle of not feeling smart enough. After Reimprinting many childhood school memories, the blocks I had to learning have fallen away. This has changed so much in how I feel, I am more at peace with myself.

~ Carolyn Gravely, Berkeley, CA

I really enjoyed working with Sarah. She has a kind and loving heart as well as a lot of different tools in her toolbox for helping her clients. I found Matrix Reimprinting and EFT to be the most helpful for me, but I benefited from the thought work we did with in our sessions.

Sarah is very knowledgeable and has great intuition in determining what might be the best way to help you. I especially liked her follow-up emails recapping our sessions. They helped me to see the “big picture” better, and I was able to refer to them later for review, and that really helped me.

I highly recommend Sarah. Working with her made a huge positive difference in my life.

~ Z.A., San Francisco

I felt so comfortable working with Sarah! I need to develop great trust in someone in order to open up completely, and it was easy with her. Sarah was completely accepting of me and where I was in this reinvention of myself.

I am proud that I was able to face and release two very large fears/blocks that were getting in the way of my forward movement. I now feel greater confidence in assessing and releasing blocks that occur for me, by using the tools that Sarah taught me.

The coaching relationship felt safe, trusting, and personal. I left each session with many takeaways, which I am continuing to use as I move forward in creating my own business.

~ Kathleen Crowley, Boston

I love how Sarah is able to pinpoint my challenges at hand and uncover my blind spots quickly. She has a knack for listening for the most important points and knowing what techniques to use to uncover the truth I am looking for within myself, that I was unable to see in the midst of my overwhelm.

I highly recommend hiring Sarah as a coach. She is a warm-hearted person who brings intelligence and intuition into the process of finding the way forward. I fully trust Sarah’s ability to be present, really hear what I am saying and allow me to be who I am, while providing tools that are appropriate for each situation.

I also love her sense of humor and wit, we laugh a lot, and this makes working with Sarah so much fun! What a blessing to have been touched by her spirit and undivided attention.

~ Alisa Looney, Artist

As an Energetic Life Strategist I too am constantly working with other’s energy fields and sometimes have a “blind” spot when it comes to the work I am continuing to do for myself. Sarah’s compassionate nature made it feel safe and secure and allowed me to really dip into my “stuff” and begin the process of dissolving those challenges and reminding me that it is all OK! Her tools that she shared were very useful and I felt benefit immediately. It has unfolded a whole new layer of myself from where I am now maneuvering. Sarah holds a very comfortable space which allowed me to really get in touch with my humanness and all that messiness and it was fun and we laughed a lot at all of it!
~ Lisa Giroux, Energetic Life Strategist

Sarah brings a warmth, genuineness, and care to coaching. I felt a sincerity, and a room for depth, and openness that I really valued in each session. She does a great job of listening, and trying to tune into what the client is bringing forward and she brings a grounded, thoughtful, accessible way of relating. I particularly liked the way her sessions were holistic, spiritually receptive, and worked with creative exercises. Because Sarah was so open, interested, perceptive, and non-judgmental, I felt safe to reveal sensitive experiences and parts of myself.

I came away from my coaching experience with a feeling of support, significant new insight about a core belief that was holding me back, and the ability through naming/working with that belief to have some real shifts.

~ Lena Richardson, Portland, Oregon