Revive Your Dreams,

Recover your Passion,

and Reinvent your Life!

Where does the time go?

Do you wonder what happened to your wild and precious life? To those starry-eyed dreams of yesteryear?

I’ve got great news! It’s not too late!

I’m Sarah Grace, I’m a Life Reinvention Coach, and I believe in the rising power of the Divine Feminine. And that this power is latent inside of YOU, just waiting for a breeze to fan her flames.

I believe that—contrary to popular cultural stereotypes—the second half of life is an opening, a portal. It’s a birth.

It’s your opportunity to give birth to that something inside of you that so desperately wants to be born. To re-birth yourself into the woman you’ve always known is living inside you.

I work with women in their second half of life who want to access their own Radiant, Divine, Wise, Wild and Free Goddess selves.

I help them to find the courage and the confidence to make the changes they know they need to make. I help them leave what isn’t working behind and take a leap into what is calling them forward.

What is calling you?

Is it that book you were meant to write? Picking up that paintbrush again? Running for political office? That business idea that’s been tucked away for so long?

What’s stopping you?

The world needs you more than ever right now!
Perhaps you feel trapped. The job, the spouse, the kids, the parents, the house.

Here’s the good news: You absolutely have the power to hit the gas pedal. And I can help you learn how to drive this new sort of vehicle you’ve found yourself in.

I’ve got some not-so-secret secrets to share with you that can set you free!

I’m Sarah Grace Powers, Certified Martha Beck Life Coach, EFT Practitioner, Writer and Pragmatic Mystic.

I’m on a mission to unleash the radiance of women at midlife and beyond. As we reinvent ourselves, we can reinvent our world.

As an Energetic Life Strategist I too am constantly working with other’s energy fields and sometimes have a “blind” spot when it comes to the work I am continuing to do for myself. Sarah’s compassionate nature made it feel safe and secure and allowed me to really dip into my “stuff” and begin the process of dissolving those challenges and reminding me that it is all OK! Her tools that she shared were very useful and I felt benefit immediately. It has unfolded a whole new layer of myself from where I am now maneuvering. Sarah holds a very comfortable space which allowed me to really get in touch with my humanness and all that messiness and it was fun and we laughed a lot at all of it!
~ Lisa Giroux, Energetic Life Strategist

About Sarah

I’m on a mission to unleash to creative power of women at midlife and beyond. Find out more about my credentials and my personal story of reinvention.

About Coaching

What exactly IS a life coach anyway? And what is EFT Tapping? Check out my coaching programs and my style of coaching.

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