Release the Weight
of the Years

Release the Weight
of the Years

Would you like to feel light, strong, radiant, and free in your 50s, 60s and beyond?

Are you ready to run into old friends and hear them say, “You look great! You’re glowing. What are you doing?”

If you’re past the age of 45 you might find yourself thinking or saying things like….

  • I’m afraid I won’t have the stamina and energy for travel and adventure as I age.
  • My libido has flown out the window… and I suspect part of that has to do with how I feel about my body.
  • When I see myself in the mirror I do a double-take. Who is that old lady?!
  • I feel so frustrated trying to figure out what I should eat to stay healthy… everything I read says something different!
  • Sometimes I just feel like I’m dragging myself around, and it’s only going to get worse as I get older.

What if you could rediscover your vitality and zest for life?

Imagine yourself saying…

  • When I catch my eye in the mirror I’m amazed that I actually look pretty good.
  • I feel really tuned in now to what my body wants me to eat, and miraculously that’s what I FEEL LIKE eating.
  • I love waking up feeling energized and looking forward to the day!
  • I’ve got some great new routines around my food prep that are really working for me.
  • I think I’ve finally cracked the code to managing my weight. No more weird hormonal weight gain!

I’m Sarah Grace Powers, Your Dream Resuscitator

I’m on a mission to unleash the radiance of women at midlife and beyond. To connect us all to our innate brilliance and power.

I felt so comfortable working with Sarah! I need to develop great trust in someone in order to open up completely, and it was easy with her. Sarah was completely accepting of me and where I was.

I am proud that I was able to face and release two very large fears/blocks that were getting in the way of my forward movement. I now feel greater confidence in assessing and releasing blocks that occur for me, by using the tools that Sarah taught me.

The coaching relationship felt safe, trusting, and personal. I left each session with many takeaways, which I am continuing to use as I move forward.

~ Kathleen Crowley, Boston

Wouldn’t you love to rewrite that old tape in your head
that keeps telling you it’s too late?

Are you ready to learn how to choose YOU? To make healthy and loving choices for your body and your spirit?

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