It’s more than simply Change Your Thoughts

It’s not about change the your thoughts. It’s about DECIDING on your focus.
That’s why ‘change your thoughts , change your life’ doesn’t work for most folx.

Those thoughts just show up willy nilly. The good, bad – and the very, very ugly.

The point where you get to use them to change your life is around which thoughts you give the most attention to.

Because once you start paying attention to a thought, your brain goes right to work, looking for evidence to prove that it’s true, and it WILL find that evidence!

And then you believe the thought even more … and the neural pathway gets stronger.

Let’s say the thought pops up that you’ll never find your dream partner. You’ll always be lonely.

Before you know it your brain is off to the races showing you exactly all the reasons this is probably true.

Basically lots more hopeless and lonely thoughts show up.
And you believe THOSE thoughts!

Next thing you know you’re feeling totally sad and lonely … and sometimes you’re not even sure why!

That cascade of well-practiced thoughts might have been barely conscious.

It takes a lot of practice to even pay attention to the thoughts and to become proactive in deciding whether you want to believe them.

I call it mental hygiene.

And it’s a lot easier to cultivate that practice when you’re talking to a coach on the regular.

And it’s NOT about thinking only happy thoughts.
That’s gaslighting yourself …. Because the truth is there’s some fucked up shit going on in this world and if you’re going to be part of the solution you HAVE to think about the stuff makes you steaming mad.

It IS about discernment.

What thoughts are helping you be MORE effective in your life?

Which make you feel powerless?

First step is paying attention.

If ideas like this go PING and you want to talk about getting your brilliant brain and unconscious mind on board with your visions for your life and your world – let’s do a free talk time ASAP.

For that hour you’ll get MY brilliant feminist life coach brain on your personal conundrums for an entire hour … and if you decide to hire me you get to go beyond the idea phase and actually see results in your life.

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