Live Ageless! Individual Coaching

If you’re ready to lose that panicked feeling when you wake up in the night remembering the years ticking by…

If you’re tired of feeling defeated when you catch your reflection in the mirror and wonder how and when you came to be that person….

It’s time to make some changes. It’s time to fall in love with YOU!

You might have an inkling of what your life reinvention looks like….but what happens between here and there might look a bit fuzzy at this point.

It feels like a rather large gulf—this chasm between where you are now and where you want to be. But it CAN be traversed!

Believe me, I know. I’ve stood right in this spot before. I took the first step, I took that leap.

You can too!

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I really appreciate your thorough and grounded coaching session, as well as the follow up with great resources.

I so look forward to my next session with you. You’re a really good coach – I’m blessed I get these sessions with you!

~ Mitsuko Ito, Maryland

My 3-Step Coaching Process

1. Clear the Gunk

The first step is to clear the mind gunk that’s stopping things up.

We might do this using EFT Tapping, because often that gunk is lurking under the surface, deep inside your subconscious, and tapping can dislodge and dismantle those long-held beliefs that are ‘blocking the pipeline.”

We get the conscious mind on board with this clearing process too. You’ll learn ways to direct it toward what you want, instead of consistently reinforcing what you don’t want in your life.

2. Engage the Energy

Now we’ll work with proven neuroscience, new and cutting edge natural health practices, along with a bit of magic and ritual, so you’ll begin manifesting different experiences, practices and people in your life – leading to the results and the life you are longing for.

3. Maintain the Magic

Together we come up with an action plan for moving forward (one that feels REALLY GOOD) to keep you motivated, clear, and in a high vibration to continue enjoying the journey AND the results.

I apply these steps to both life coaching and health coaching. If you are ready to reinvent your body, your life, and your health. Let’s talk.

The LIVE AGELESS Coaching Program

Do you feel invisible? Wonder if you’ve lost your mojo and you’re just too old to get it back?

Make peace with your chronological age and lose your fear and dread around the aging process. Discover a newfound confidence in yourself and your body—deeper than you ever had when you were younger.

Look in the mirror and love what you see!

Incorporate routines and practices into your life to increase your vitality and magnify your sense of self respect and appreciation.

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You’ll get the opportunity to share your personal challenges, and discover if personal coaching is the right path for you. This is a heart offering from me, I LOVE talking to women about this issue, and there are NO strings attached!

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Coaching packages include:

  • Email and Voxer support between sessions
  • Resources, worksheets, and other materials individually tailored to YOUR needs
  • Optional recording of the session
  • Specific Action and Alignment steps each week.

What is a Life Coach anyway?

NOT a therapist. NOT a doctor. NOT a cheerleader. You’re not broken and you’re already brilliant.

A good coach will help you excavate out the moldering thoughts and beliefs that stop you in your tracks. As you clear that debris out, that brilliance inside of you is revealed—to you, and to those around you.

Your coach is your trusted guide, mentor, a companion to illuminate the murky areas, bring clarity, deeper understanding, and—ultimately—this transformation you seek.

Your coach believes in YOU.

Soon you will too.

Am I the right coach for you?

I’ve been a personal coach (and and a health coach) all my adult life…. I just didn’t know it!

For two decades I ‘coached’ people every day while operating my herb shop/spiritual bookstore.

Now, as Life Coach certified by both The Life Coach School and Martha Beck, as well as deep training in EFT tapping, I understand how to facilitate real change and lasting results.

My style of coaching is NOT about how to run faster on the hamster wheel! With a combination of skill and intuition, I gently guide you through the process of releasing what holds you back.

Once those inner obstacles have dissolved, your own unique power and potential becomes clear. You clarity and your motivation to make your impact on the world is released.

I draw on proven coaching tools, my 3+ decades as an herbalist and natural health practitioner, my training in other modalities, Law of Attraction and my spiritual guidance.

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