Unleash Your Brilliance—The World Needs It

We are living in scary, scary times. As I write this innocent children have been crammed into cages at the US/Mexican border. They’ve been wrenched from their parents and put into literal [...]

To Let Go Means to Grow

Have you ever waited way too long to let go of something—be it a favorite outfit that’s worn out, a job, or even a spouse? I’m guessing the answer is yes, and that you’re all too familiar with [...]

Six Tips for Staying Centered While Traveling

Have you ever noticed that it can be a real battle to stay centered and grounded when you’re away from home, even (especially!) when you’re visiting friends and family? I adore [...]

Reclaiming Crone, Reclaiming Power

This is #3 in the blog series Learn to Make Peace with Your Aging Body. Due to some reactions I wanted to clear up some misconceptions here. You can catch part 1 here, and part 2 here. Whenever I [...]