3 Keys to Reshape Your Body After 40


In this class I’ll be teaching you 3 of the most essential keys you NEED to know if you want to reshape your body and feel vibrant, radiant and strong as you move through your 40’s, 50s and the years beyond.



Just thinking about losing weight— for most people— instantly induces a sort of dread and misery. It’s kind of like this cold, hard journey that feels alien, isolating, not fun at all.

It’s this desert highway that you have to traverse… between here and the great distance to THERE.

But, what if releasing extra pounds or kilos didn’t have to be that way?

What if instead of weighing and measuring food, instead of counting calories or carbs, instead of logging workouts and pushing yourself harder and harder… you could permanently drop that extra weight through a softer means?

What if you could change the way your body looks and feels—and change the way YOU feel about your body—and do it without all that whip cracking and restriction?

What if instead of that miserable desert path, it was about coming home to yourself?

Not a tiring climb from here to THERE after all, rather here to HERE.

Are you ready to learn about a RADICALLY different approach to PERMANENT weight loss?

This is not a gimmick!

It is more like inward journey that takes you not only to a lighter, stronger body, but to a stronger sense of who you really are and what is still possible for you in this lifetime.

That connects you to your Divine Feminine Essence.

That might all sound a little lofty when we’re talking about something as mundane as dropping weight…. But this is exactly the sort of fun and healing path to weight loss that I want to show you in this class.

It’s happening on Tuesday, April 20h, 12 pm Pacific time, on Zoom of course. So easy!

When you sign up, you’ll receive the free interactive workbook. Plus you’ll get a recording of the class after it happens. (I definitely suggest showing up live though – because you’ll have the chance to ask questions and interact!)


* Discover the 3 things you need to STOP doing so you can release unwanted weight.
* Learn the #1 strategy to overcome emotional eating.
* Uncover the secret to lasting habit change

Join us on Zoom, Tuesday April 27th 12 pm Pacific, for this interactive class.

When you sign up you’ll receive all join details, including the zoom link and your free workbook.