If you’re feeling just a tad overwhelmed with shopping, social events, and all the obligations that accompany the December holidays – you’re in the right place!

EFT Tapping will physiologically reduce your stress hormones, and help you stay in in the part of your nervous system that is about rest and replenish. From this place it is SO much easier to find solutions to problems, and even that perfect holiday gift!

The first audio will help you manage generalized holiday stress – you know, the sort caused by all the things. Family visits, crowded malls, parties you don’t really want to attend, financial stretching to buy gifts, etc etc.

The second audio is will be super supportive if you are wanting to limit your sweets, treats, alcoholic beverages, or any of the myriad temptations that show up around this time of your and can derail you from your eating plan.

Whether you are wanting to lose or maintain your weight, or have food sensitivities and you know you will feel horrible if you consume—say—your favorite traditional Christmas cookie, doing this tapping will do wonders to reduce your food cravings. 

Tap along with these as often as you wish – and notice how much smoother your holiday season goes!

These are my gift to you! If you’d like to download the audio, simply right-click the play arrow (or control click on a mac), and choose ‘Save As’, to save to your computer. From there you can put them on your phone or whatever!

Happy Holidays!

(Note:  If you never done EFT Tapping before, go here to view a short video where I’ll teach you the tapping points.)


Tapping Audio to Relieve Holiday Stress


Tapping Audio to help you reduce the temptation to overeat all the delicious holiday treats


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