The Antidote to Feeling Old

Photo of healthy womanHave you ever found yourself in a ‘bitch fest’ about how much you hate the way you can’t read the small print on the back of vitamin bottles, the way your knees now creak, or how much harder it is to get up from a seated position on the floor?

Everybody nods and chimes in with their own complaints and annoyances. Then you all agree that getting old is the pits.

I have to admit, I sometimes get sucked into this sort of ‘Debbie Downer’ talk too. If I had my druthers my eyes would work the same way they did when I was 20 and I wouldn’t wake up at least twice a night to use the bathroom.

But… I’ve come to realize that when I participate in this bitching and moaning—either to myself or out loud in a group, well I’m just making everything worse!

That’s why I’ve embraced a whole new approach to the passing of the chronological years.

It’s an approach originally inspired by Dr. Christiane Northrup, the author of several amazing books on women’s wellness, including The Wisdom of Menopause and Goddesses Never Age,

It’s the idea that we are AGELESS!!

The passing of the chronological years doesn’t matter nearly as much as our thoughts, our beliefs, and what we do to cultivate our own youthful exuberance.

I’ve been fairly obsessed with this idea of living ageless for the last few years now, and that’s part of what inspired the title of my workshop: Ageless Health and Vitality: 3 Simple Steps to Reshape Your Body After 40.

Ageless Health & Vitality Might Be Coming to a City Near You!

People are loving this workshop, so I got the fun idea to take it on the road. I’m traveling during the second half of August and first half of September, and I’ll be teaching the workshop in Asheville, North Carolina, Portland, Oregon, Eureka, California, and Santa Rosa, California.

If you live in or near one of those towns, I’d sure love to meet you at the workshop!

Workshop participants will:

• Discover the three surprising things you need to STOP doing so you can release excess weight.

• Identify the hidden cause of emotional eating and what to do instead.

• Learn the #1 strategy to overcome hormonal weight gain.

You can find the dates and the details HERE.

You can also view event details on Facebook (links below), and if you’re coming add to the conversation!

Meanwhile, instead of getting caught up in the complaining session, try on this idea of living ageless! It just might turn some things around for you!


Facebook Events and Details
Ageless Health & Vitality: 3 Simple Steps to Reshape Your Body After 40

Asheville, North Carolina: Tuesday, August 20th, 7-10 pm, Earth Fare Community Room.

Portland, Oregon: Saturday, August 24th, 11am – 1pm. New Renaissance Bookshop.

Eureka, California: Thursday, September 5th, 7-10 pm. Humboldt Herbals Community Classroom.

Santa Rosa, California: Sunday, September 15th, 11am – 1pm. Tapping the Matrix.

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