5 Tips for Staying Healthy During Troubling Times

essential oil diffuserAs I write this in early March 2020, the whole world is freaking out about Corona Virus. And while all that is happening, you might find yourself with your own personal freak outs right there in your own life! What’s one to do when we’re suddenly faced with shortages of hand sanitizer and even toilet paper?!

And don’t get me started on the shortage of hugs! What a miserable situation we end up in when we have to deny ourselves that basic human comfort and connection of hugging and touching one another.

Fear is rampant right now, and I’m here to remind you of a few key things that may help to calm that fear, and also keep you and your loved ones healthy and virus-free as we move through this latest messy episode on our troubled planet.

I actually did a Facebook Live the other day over in the Ageless Radiance group, with some key tips for keeping your immune system healthy and free of ALL viruses, including this latest bugaboo that has us all in a panic. I’ll summarize them here, but if you’d like to hear more detail, you can view it in the group right here.

Not in the group yet? I’d love to welcome you to this fun cohort of women who are wanting to live ageless, light and healthy as they go into these next decades of life. You can join right here. I’ll accept your request and you can check out that video, and any of the others I’ve been doing over there.

Meanwhile, I thought I’d send you a quick summary of what I shared. I’ll skip the rundown of the obvious (hand washing, hand sanitizer… all those basic things that everyone is saying. I know you’ve got that.

Tip #1:

Despite the mass hysteria, it’s important to do what you can to remain calm!!

That’s a whole ‘nother series of tips in and of themselves, but just know that joining the freakout can actually have a detrimental effect on your immune system. That said, it’s normal to have some fear and anxiety whether it’s about yourself or the fate of the world, and you might even be caring for a loved one who is especially susceptible to Corona.

There has never been a better time to turn to your own tried and true strategies for calming anxiety. Deep breathing and EFT Tapping are two of my favorites – and they’re readily available and free. (If you’re concerned about touching your face with the tapping, put on some hand sanitizer before you tap.)

Tip #2:

Get plenty of rest – as in extra sleep! Most of us skimp on this. Not only will it boost immunity, it naturally helps you have that radiant, glowing look.

Tip #3:

Stay super hydrated. Again, bumping up your intake of pure water is good for way more than a strengthened immune system. Plenty of good old h2o is what I call the elixir of youth and will naturally help you shed weight.

Tip #4:

Use Essential Oils to repel and kill viruses and other nasty germs. These concentrated plant essences are natural antimicrobials.

Consider getting an electric diffuser and running it in your home all day long. All essential oils are antimicrobial, but some are even stronger – such as eucalyptus, thyme, tea tree (Melaluca) and oregano.

There are lots of other ways to use essential oils besides a diffuser. You can take some of these and add to a ‘carrier’ oil like jojoba or almond oil and dab on your body. You can add them to a bath. Oregano oil itself is said to be amazing for immunity and you can purchase it in gel caps to take internally as well.

(Please use caution when handling essential oils which are very strong. Never apply undiluted to your skin, or take internally without the advice of a qualified practitioner)

Tip #5:

Turn to our allies in plant world and the fungal world. Medicinal mushroomsdo wonders for your immunity. There are many, many blends to choose from. Try the company called Host Defense, or Stamets 7 is another one high quality manufacturer of medicinal mushroom supplements.

Alternatively, or in addition to the mushrooms, look for a good herbal immune boosting formula. Elderberry is a great base for this, but there are many other herbs that boost your immune system, such as astragalus, echinacea, and more.

I definitely recommend shopping for these at your local herb shop or natural foods store. That way you can get some personalized help in making the right selection for you. This is especially important if you are shopping for a loved one who is more at risk!

There are many, many more natural aids to keep those bugs at bay—and this is something we want to do ALL the time, not just when there’s a big pandemic scare.

You can even make your own hand sanitizer using essential oils, or whip up some of your own immune boosting syrup or tincture with fresh or dried herbs.What I’ve shared with you here though are some easy, quick tips that you can incorporate into your busy life without a lot of fuss.

Most importantly, is that first tip! Please, please, PLEASE – Remember to relax.

Your brain might be trying to tell you that you need to be anxious or fearful to keep yourself and your loved ones safe… but your wiser self knows this is a lie. Worrying never actually solves the problem. Take your chosen precautions, and then allow yourself to let go of even 10 percent of that worry.

Wishing you and yours radiant wellness!

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