On the Existence of Miracles

GardeniaThis is Blog #4 in my one-month commitment to a writing a new blog post every weekday!

As a child attending Catholic school I learned that miracles were the exclusive providence of saints and, of course, Jesus himself. Lowly mortals like us only got the chance to read about them… and perhaps invoke the Divine notice of that distant God if we wished a miracle to manifest in our own lives.

And, in that mythology, the word “miracle” was reserved for major magic—things like changing water into wine or raising someone from the dead.

Now I know better.

Miracles—big and small—take place every day. All we need do is open up and notice.

Inspired by author Pam Grout, I now have a habit of waking up every day and asking, “What miracles will happen today?” (Pam wrote E-Squared, the bestseller with the nine experiments you can do that PROVE the power of your thoughts in creating your reality, I wrote a review of it here.)

Pam says she wakes up each morning asking herself, “What fabulous, awesome thing will show up today?”

I do that question sometimes instead, just for variety. The point is to set an intention for the day.

What a sea change from waking up and immediately beginning to worry about how I will possibly accomplish all the items on my To-Do list!

And the best part?

Once I set that intention, sure enough! Multiple miracles appear in my life!

Sure, sometimes they are as “minor” as pulling my curtain and witnessing a bank of clouds aflame with the reds, oranges and golds of a spectacular sunrise. (I maintain it’s a miracle that I chose to pull the curtain right at that particular moment, thus infusing my morning with pleasure!)

Other times I’ll experience or witness a miracle that knocks my socks off. Like when I posted my car for sale on Facebook and within 10 minutes two people I’d never met were engaged in a bidding war that resulted in my receiving WAY more money for it.

Every time I am visited with a mini miracle I know it’s Spirit showing me the immense possibilities available.

Yet I’ll admit, there are those days when I got caught up in busy doing and I forget to look up and notice the miracles. Instead I’m lost in the whirring machine of my chatterbox mind which pulls the blinds and obscures any miracles that might be literally knocking on my door!

Yesterday was a remembering day. So many miracles showed up for me simply because I was tuned in. My favorite was this beautiful gardenia that appeared right at my feet while out exploring the streets of San Miguel de Allende (my  new home).

I was walking in new territory in the city, climbing hills and marveling at the colors and odd beauty of landscape and architecture. Some of it was that sort of ‘ugly beauty’ that makes art. Like a crumbling wall, with peeling gold paint surrounding a faded mural of the Virgin.

In this moment all around me rose stone and stucco buildings, I’d been navigating stone sidewalks and cobblestone streets. Although some of the houses grew bougainvilla vines on their bricks, no sign of a gardenia bush in the vicinity.

Yet suddenly there it was in my path. A perfectly intact white gardenia. 

I picked it up and inhaled the divine fragrance. Here was my gift from the Goddess. Today’s miracle.

Come to think of it, I think I love these mini miracles just as much as the bigger ones.



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