An Invitation to Spacious Living. Inspiration Sauce with Vicky White

WorkingTime for another installment of Inspiration Sauce, my interview series where I delve into fun conversation with some of the most interesting and inspirational midlife women I know.
Women who have touched my life and healed my spirit in some way, women that might do the same for you.
Holistic Hot Sauce is about much more than wellness for our external bodies. Here, I explore my own journey (and YOURS) to healing and wellness from the inside out, and how to turn up our inner pilot lights so we can shine that beacon out to the world.
Inspiration Sauce will highlight women that are blasting their own light out into our (sometimes) bleak world. They are making a real difference – not just in the lives of countless women but to our planet as a whole.

Is Clutter Taking Over Your Life?

Do you ever long for more space in your life? Not so much literally – but in your mind and heart?

The staggering size of your to-do list, along with those piles of niggling little items waiting to be attended to, might eliminate any small sense of expansiveness you discover while out walking or even asleep and dreaming.

Because then you walk in your door, or fire up your computer, and there’s all that stuff…. Chattering at you from every direction.

To me it all adds up to overwhelm and a sense of constriction and tightness. The opposite of spaciousness.

That’s why I was so delighted to chat with Vicky White of The Spacious Life for this interview.

I met Vicky several months back while she was running a month-long course on clutter clearing. I absolutely love her vibrant spirit, and the fact that she lives on a houseboat floating on the waters of Vancouver, Canada.  (Note, I goofed up in the interview and said Vancouver, Washington – ooops, my bad!)

Vicky has made a career out of helping women like you and I clear the different sorts of clutter that hold us back from living the experiences we long for.

Her philosophy is this:  There’s no point in dedicating a lot of energy to personal growth work if you are surrounded by clutter. You’ll just slip right back into the same patterns.

Listen to the interview to find out why this might be so.

Vicky also talks about:

  • The various types of clutter and how each has its own insidious hold on your life (and it’s not just about ill-fitting clothes in your closet, or those ugly knick knacks on your living room shelf!)
  • Why so many of us tend to hold on to clutter and how to overcome this proclivity.
  • Digital clutter, its unique challenges and how to deal with it.
  • How to connect with the energy of your home and make it your living vision board.
  • What to do about all that clutter that belongs to others who live with you.


I’ve got an audio version for you today. Right-click on control-click here to download it for your listening pleasure while on the go. Or simply play it right from this page.

Vicky White on 2013-05-09 at 16.46

And click here to get in on your gifts from Vicky (she talks about this in the interview!)


Here’s to spacious living!

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