Are You Too Old to Start Your Dream Business?

Have you always had a secret (or not so secret) dream of running your own business?

Ahhh, the freedom of setting your own hours, making your own rules, and most importantly doing work that you absolutely love. The work that you know, deep down, that you are here to do.

Maybe you’ve even roughed out some business plans, checked out locations, or looked at training programs for becoming a yoga teacher, life coach, interior designer, or shop owner.

Or, if you have a bunch of ideas, and it seemed impossible to decide which direction to go in?

And …somehow life got in the way. There were family obligations, issues with your wayward teenagers, different opportunities and obligations with your job.

The years slipped by and now you might be wondering if it’s too late to get started!

I’m here to tell you it’s NOT too late. (But you knew that’s what I was going to say.)  If you are someone who feels this creative longing on a deep and visceral level, I’m talking to you!

Wait, what? Creative? We’re talking about a business here, aren’t we? Yes, and yes. That seed of an idea in your mind and heart, that is definitely an expression of your creative being. It doesn’t matter if your business idea is about art therapy or finance, it’s all creative.

I don’t care what your chronological age is, if you are feeling the call to unleash your brilliance with a business idea, NOW is the time.

Even if you only get in a few years running your dream business…. Imagine how much worse it would be if you approach your last days on Earth wishing that you had found the courage to take that leap.

You know the old saying—when they’re on your deathbed most people regret the things they DIDN’T do far more than the thing so-called wrong things they DID do during their lifetime.

So, what are you waiting for? I am your cheerleader for unleashing your brilliance. And I am a guide especially if that brilliance wants to manifest as a healing arts entrepreneur.

Actually, this timing could be exactly right! Many of us find ourselves with a bit for spaciousness, freedom and time at a more mature age.

As long as you have the longing, the vision and the passion you too can become a successful entrepreneur.

In fact, taking steps toward that dream will actually give you a burst of energy that can make you feel years younger.

Challenges Keep You Young

As a lifelong entrepreneur, I’m also here to tell you that owning and operating your own gig might not be quite the life of ease and bliss that you are envisioning.

And yet, it’s those challenges, that stimulation, that can also shave figurative years off of your life. Your brain stays fit and engaged when you are problem-solving and figuring out new things. Way better than playing scrabble or doing jigsaw puzzles… at least in my opinion!

The trouble is, you might be wondering how you can possibly actually get started at this late date.

With so much to learn, to figure out, and to actually do before you can open up your (real or virtual) doors, you find yourself continually procrastinating.

I mean the new digital world alone is enough to throw someone born before 1985 for a loop!

If starting that business truly calling to you—make a commitment and take an action step today!

We all have gifts that are meant to be shared. And all of these gifts have potential to heal and change the world … even when you can’t quite see that from where you are sitting right now.

I’ve identified six key obstacles that hold people back from believing they can take the leap and go out on their own. They include:  Fear, Overwhelm, Decision Paralysis, Learning Curve, Lack of  Confidence, and (duh) Money.

Even if you’ve already taken a few steps toward opening your doors (virtual or otherwise), these biggies might have stopped you in your tracks.

All of these obstacles can be addressed and overcome—no matter how many years you’ve lived. Even if you’ve spent your entire life working for others.

In the next several articles in this series I’ll address each of these bugaboos, and share solid strategies for moving through them so you can unleash your particular brand of brilliance and make some good money doing it.

Can you think of other obstacles holding YOU back from making that leap? Please share in the comments!


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