Is 2021 the year YOU release the weight?

In yesterday’s blog I wrote about letting go and letting in.

Sometimes it’s just time to let go. And when it’s that time you’ll probably just know.

For example, I’m letting go of sugar for this month. It’s part of The Complete Detox, which I’m leading right now.

Good timing – since that will support the healing of my plantar fasciitis!

Sometimes there might be physical clutter in your life that can simply be released.

Other times it’s a little more complex – and that thing you want to let go of will cling to you like a burr.

It’s fascinating to explore the difference between when it’s time to just let go, and when there’s growth and learning that can happen when you let it in fully first.

Believe it or not—these are the types of things we sort out in the process of releasing menopausal weight!

I’ve set a goal to help 20 women release menopausal weight so they can reclaim their bodies, their self confidence, and their LIVES.

Will you be one of them?

When I say ‘menopausal weight’, I’m talking about that extra weight that shows up before, during and after menopause… often around the midsection.

We women have been so brainwashed with screwed up messages of how we need to look young and beautiful in order to be worthy.

That is all bullshit … and your wiser, higher self already knows that.

But …you still really want to lose some weight!

You’re tired of blaming yourself. Of constantly thinking about about what to eat or not eat, how to drop weight, what to wear to hide the belly fat, if this extra weight is going to cause health problems….

So much annoying mind chatter when you could be focusing on things that really matter.

Is 2021 the year to finally be DONE with all that bullshit?

Contact me to schedule your free Weight Release Assessment. Or just go ahead and schedule it HERE.
In less than an hour I can point you in the direction of your freedom!


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