Letting Go and Letting In

What’s on your mind during these first weeks of 2021?

I’d actually love to know if you care to share in the comments

I’m starting off the year letting some things in, and letting some things go.. And… I’m reflecting on how sometimes these things can be one and the same.

Usually we think they’re totally different.
Often they are – we want to allow ourselves to receive the good, and release what we don’t like or doesn’t work.

It appears that I’m starting off 2021 still as a caterpillar melting down in the cocoon! No wings for me right at this moment!

I have a long history of resisting the cocoon.

What do I mean by that? Simply that I’d rather be moving and in action than resting, integrating, waiting.

I’ll admit it: I drank the ‘productivity’ kool-aid. There’s still a part of my brain that believes if I’m busy, active, and getting things done that I’m somehow more worthy.

I’m onto myself. My wiser self knows so much better. She reminds me of the cycles of nature, the ebb and flow of the ocean and of the moon.

She reminds me that my worthiness just IS. That I am a divine spark of Source.

(And by the way – so are YOU!)

But… somehow I seem to forget….

Usually when that happens I get a brilliant message via my body that pulls the rug right out from under me.

I get sick, I sprain an ankle, something…. That forces me to slow the fuck down.

Dammit! I hate slowing down.

So, today here I am on the couch with an ice pack on my foot.

Not a sprained ankle this time. It’s apparently plantar faciitis… and inflammation of the foot fascia causing heel pain.

Unfortunately I’ve made it worse since I did my usual when it first showed up a couple of weeks ago. I simply ignored it… hoping it would go away.

At first it seemed like it was subsiding. But… now I’ve got pain shooting all the way up my left leg… due to my misguided decision to get out for a walk yesterday.

One short walk was all it took to get the message: It’s time for stillness!

That, and an ice pack.

Is this a ‘let it go’ or a ‘let it in’?

My knee jerk response, is ‘get rid of this stat!!’

In the past I would be consumed by thoughts of anxiety, impatience, worry, frustration. They would be raging through me right now. I would be in full-on resistance to this latest take down.

But, I’ve done a whole lot of tapping and self coaching. I know what’s up here.

There’s no way out but through.

So, I’m opening up to it all. To the feelings and worries. To the pain. To the energy of impatience. Exploring it with some curiosity, and as much compassion as I can muster.

At least I’m trying to!

I’m letting it in, all of it.

Because I’ve learned that I’ve got to receive it, accept it, let it in – before I can let it go!

Is there something you’d like to let go of right now?

Is it possible to fully let it in first?



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