Pivot To An Ageless State of Mind


The following is Blog #3 in my 30-day commitment to a writing a new blog post every weekday!

Yesterday I wrote about how easily I drop my self care and alignment routines when life gets a bit crazy.

And then last night I had a huge AHA about how this alignment thing ties into living like an Ageless Goddess, and even looking and feeling young and vibrant.

I was watching the documentary The Living Matrix (so fascinating! All about the cutting edge science studies showing that our body is an information system that accesses information not just from it’s own brain, but from “The Field’) – and one of the erudite scientists in this documentary spoke about how positive emotion slows down the aging process!

Now, I’ve written a little on this before, but it really hit home this time.

So many of us have bought into the idea that as we age we will inevitably develop more and more uncomfortable body symptoms. And then we kvetch and complain when they show up. We work ourselves up into a state of frustration and/or despair.

Just this morning I caught myself bemoaning some lower back pain, saying, “Well, this is the aging process – get used to it!”

Luckily I busted myself immediately.

Hold on a second, I said to myself. Aren’t you an Ageless Goddess?

Sure, my body was talking to me. And said minor back pain may indeed be more noticeable in my 50s than it was in my 20s.

It’s true my spirit is currently living in a physical body—an extremely fragile human body, and my conscious mind doesn’t always get to decide what happens to that body or whether it hurts or doesn’t hurt.


What I DO get to decide is how I choose to meet those body symptoms.

I can bitch and moan. I can fight it and wish it wasn’t there. I can complain about how ‘it’s always something” and “why does this stuff always happen to me?” I can get together with friends and lament the aches and pains, the saggy flesh and wrinkles.

Or—I can notice what is happening, and meet it with a sense of curiosity and acceptance. I can choose to turn my attention to the things around me RIGHT NOW that have the capacity to bring me joy and well being.

Some people call this second choice ‘pivoting,’ and it’s trick I use a lot. Not just with aches and pains, but with anything that’s going on that isn’t quite to my liking. When I notice my thoughts going down that nasty old rabbit hole of self pity and complaining, I make that pivot.

“Hey, I’ve got hot water coming out of my faucet – yay!”

“Look at that gorgeous blue sky outside.”

And Bingo! I’ve switched my emotional state from negative to positive.

Sometimes I have to physically move into a different environment—step outside, or even go into a different room.

The trick is noticing when it’s time to pivot. And then doing it.

Try it. I believe it’s more effective than your favorite anti-aging cream!

(Note: This is not a suggestion to always slap a happy face over your real feelings. It’s definitely appropriate to allow yourself to feel honest anger, sadness, grief, etc. Process, accept and let it go. But that’s a different blog post. This one is about minimizing unnecessary negative emotion that not only brings you down, it very well may accelerate the aging process!)

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