Unleash Your Brilliance—The World Needs It

We are living in scary, scary times. As I write this innocent children have been crammed into cages at the US/Mexican border. They’ve been wrenched from their parents and put into literal internment camps that, just like the US prison system, are operated for profit.

There is a palpable horror in the air, also fear, rage, and, for many of us, a sense of powerlessness.

But, you are far from powerless. Every tiny action counts. Especially the brave ones. And by that I mean, the bravery is takes to speak up at the family barbecue when Uncle Albert starts ranting about how we have to close the borders is just as important as packing up to go protest at the border.

I’m not writing this to get on a soapbox about why this happening, or how it’s a symptom of deep problems in the US power system (that has gone on for centuries!) This isn’t the venue for me to extoll on the difference between making America great again and making America HATE again.

I am writing this to remind you of the amazing things you are capable of!

I am on a mission to unleash the radiant power of women at midlife and beyond!

We all came here with a calling, a super power if you will, a purpose, a gift or brilliant light to give to the world.

And… a lot of us got distracted from that somewhere along the way. We were shamed, maybe bullied, taught to be nice and keep people happy. We were rewarded for staying small and not getting in the way.

But, right now a lot of us are feeling the call to be bolder, to try something scary new and different. It might be a soft sort of tiny call, it might be a loud bellow.

We’re not all called to front lines activism. Some of us engage our super power in other supportive ways.

But for some of you – that might just be YOUR gift. You know who you are. Maybe you’ve thought about running for office, maybe you’ve dreamed for years about creating an amazing nonprofit. Maybe there’s an organization in your town that you keep thinking you want to get involved with, but for some reason you haven’t reached out to them..

The world needs You, Me, Us – all of us Now! It’s time to drop our reasons, our excuses, and our stories and move more into what we came here to do.

And I know, I know – we all have so many REASONS!

One I hear a lot is: I’m too old – if I haven’t done it yet, how can I begin to start now?

And then we think, I don’t have what it takes, I’m not smart enough, creative enough. Resourceful enough, Not enough money. I need more education, degrees, training, something.

I’m not enough.

Well,  I have one message today, it’s that You ARE Enough.

Say that out loud, I am Enough!!

Believe me, I’m not immune to all those stories and reasons and excuses either. I have to work with the non-helpful subconscious chatter every day.

That, truly, is the most important thing to LET GO of. Those stories of smallness, of not enough-ness.

It doesn’t matter if they’ve been there for decades. Everything can shift right NOW.

Unleash your brilliance!  Do it for YOU, and do it for all those who need you.

What small thing can you do today? What is one small but bold step can you take to improve your world?

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  • Cheryl


    This is my favorite thing that I have read in a long time. I’m so glad that I took the time to read my email this morning. Thank you for writing these empowering words.

    Blessed Be!

    • Sarah

      I’m so glad these words left you inspired and empowered Cheryl! Thank you so much for sharing that in a comment. Blessed be to you Sister!

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