Are We There Yet?

picture of a long roadI’ve noticed something in life that on the one hand seems horribly unfair—but on the other hand it’s totally empowering.

Maybe you’ve noticed it too: It’s so much easier to take the actions that lead you to particular goal once you already achieved that goal! Once you’re there, you’re super motivated to do what it takes to keep you there.

For example, earlier this year I dropped about 25 pounds of post-menopausal weight. Now, I’d been trying to do this for the last few years – ever since I had mysteriously begun packing the pounds around my middle and upper body.

But for the longest time, I just couldn’t seem to get any traction on my goal to get back to a more comfortable weight.

I’d start an exercise program and quit. I’d go on a cleanse hoping to reset my body for healthier eating, but I’d immediately fall back into the same habits.

I had dozens of reasons about why it was just too hard in my life right now to make this happen. I groused and resented the fact that even though I live an active lifestyle (I walk everywhere!), the extra weight clung on.

I tried to talk myself into believing that I didn’t care…. but the truth was I DID care. A lot. Not just because I hated the way my shirts fit, but because I could feel my formerly excellent heath starting to slip. Something was out of whack.

Once I decided to get serious and ditch the excuses and put my own knowledge and tools into action, it only took a few months to shed that excess weight. That’s because I started to act AS IF I was already there!

(This is a little bit like ‘fake it till you make it’ but much more fun! Less effort, more vision.)

But it was SOOOO hard and impossible for so long!

Now, suddenly it’s easy to get to yoga class, to fit in some weight lifting, to walk right on past the amazing bakery across the street from my house…even thought those tantalizing aromas are wafting out.

It’s the same thing with any intention or goal.

It doesn’t matter what your goal is—more money, less weight, a better job, a new relationship. It can feel so impossible to even know what to do to get there – much less actually do the things!

That’s because we have this tendency to focus on where we ARE, instead of where we WANT to be!

The secret to getting from here to there more easily and quickly is to spend more time thinking and imagining yourself already there! Ask yourself, what action would I take right now if I was already <insert goal>.

What decision would I made right now if I was already there?

Move forward from THAT place and watch how quickly things shift!

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