You Are Enough

As we speed headlong through the last weeks of 2012, a collective anxiety is building.

This year it’s not just the shopping, the overeating, the wondering what will need to be returned….there’s this overall feeling of shift, of change.

Many predict the outcome of all this uncomfortable shifting will be a profound and planetary transformation.

It may not be the end of the world, but it’s the end of an era for many of us. A time of moving forward into unknown regions of our psyches and our souls.

My personal belief and wish is that this transformation will lead us all to greater understanding, more open hearts, and deeper relationships with ourselves and our planet.

My friend Carol Hess shared a quote yesterday. To me it spoke right to the feeling of these moments we are living.

It’s from Dr. Christiane Northrup – oh how I love a woman who can both heal me on the outside and help me dive down deep on the inside! (If you’ve been reading here for a while you know I’ve invoked Dr. Northrup’s wisdom often when I write about women’s health and menopause.)

“Are you noticing that your world seems to be in ‘pregnant pause’ mode? Like an egg about to hatch. A bubble about to burst. Are you noticing that all you can do is surrender to cleaning out your mind, your heart, your closets? And invoking Divine Order?” ~ Dr. Christiane Northrup

Maybe you’ve been noticing such a feeling, maybe not.

Regardless of how you view these present times – or even if you believe there’s nothing different about this particular year, you may still be feeling some pressure related to the seasonal holidays.

The incessant external ‘cheer’ can be grating and even painful, especially if you are grieving the loss of loved ones during this season.

Once again I want to share a simple saying that brought me solace during the years I was in frenzied “retail hell” during this week right before Christmas. (Anyone who has ever worked in retail will know what I’m talking about!)

You have enough. You Do Enough. You are Enough.

You’ve planned enough fun times, you’ve enjoyed enough goodies, you’ve bought or made enough gifts. You are having enough fun. Everything. Is. Enough.

I, for one, need to pull this thought around me like a security blanket when I venture out into the streets strung with holiday lights and thronged with shoppers.

When anxiety strikes, that feeling of ‘not-enoughness’, I’ve learned to take a few deep breaths.

And I say it again.

You have Enough. You do Enough. You ARE Enough.

Right now in this present moment. The ground is solid beneath you. You are whole, you are alive, you are individual and you are part of the one.

Love yourself, fully. Love those around you. Love what is.




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  • BobbiEmel

    Thanks for this simple and essential reminder, Sarah!

    • saraho

      @BobbiEmel   Sostice blessings to you Bobbi!

  • Carol Hess

    “You have enough.  You do enough.  You are enough.”  Your message is simple, Sarah, but incredibly profound and powerful when we believe it and live accordingly.  Happy Holidays to you, my friend.  I’m so delighted to be entering into this new era with you beside me.  Hugs!

    • saraho

      @Carol Hess   I second that Carol! My Angel Cards today were Transformation, Respect, and Exploration. Love those words for this powerful time, and for entering into a new era with so many inspired new friends!

  • Amy Grams

    Awesome advice, Sarah!  No matter how many times I’ve heard it and given it myself, it is always good to hear it again!

    • saraho

      @Amy Grams  I hear you Amy! I think this is the type of ‘advice’ or mantra that must be said again, and again. And again. We can never hear it, say it, or live it too much! After all we’re having to turn around everything we’ve been told, and are constantly being told, by society.  Merry Solstice!

  • EnglishTrackers

    Great post! Am holding onto your last sentence. “Love what is”.

    • joeyjoejoe

      @EnglishTrackers That last sentence really hit me too. I’ll keep those words with me as I head to see my in-laws for a long weekend.

      • saraho

        @joeyjoejoe  @EnglishTrackers  Yes. When I can get there to the “love what is” place, that’s when I truly feel that true sense of “enough”   Merry Solstice!

  • Patti Tokar

    You’ve given me my mantra for the day (or longer!).  “I have enough.  I am enough.”  I think I’ll even add: “and  everything is exactly as it should be.” Thanks, Sarah.   If I can keep bringing myself back to this, my world will be a lot more flowing and peaceful.

    • saraho

      @Patti Tokar  It’s my mantra to hold me through the holiday too! And I love your last addition. I also add in some deep grounding breaths. Wishing you much flow and peace for holidays & beyond Patti!

  • HappierHuman

    There needs to be acknowledgement and appreciation of our present. But I also believe in perpetual growth. Balancing the two is difficult, because in acknowledging a desire for growth, you implicitly acknowledge a deficit in your current situation. Hm… this is a tough one. 
    Well, I certainly need a re-balancing. I focus a bit too much on the implicit deficit.  
    “I am enough.” What a great thought to take into the holidays!

  • JaneRobinson

    You are sooooo smart.  This was the perfect post to read today (December 23rd).  “You have enough.  You do enough.   You are enough”.  Perfect words.  Thank you.

  • Priska

    Thank you for reminding us.  At this time of year we never feel like we are enough.

  • AnnieAndreHacks

    Reiterating what everyone has said. This is a good reminder as you said that “You have enough. You Do Enough. You are Enough.”.  
    However: and i feel like i’m being i’m playing devils advocate here……it’s hard to follow this mantra. It requires constant awareness and superior awareness to NOT slip back into the…..
    “i have to do it all mode
    “I have to do more mode”.
     Nevertheless, I do try to keep reminding myself that I do a lot and sometimes I just need to be ok with what i’ve done.

  • Tal_Gur

    “You have Enough. You do Enough. You ARE Enough.” – Strong words. Happy 2013 Sarah!

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