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The Complete Detox – For Ageless Health and Vitality

Clear the sludge and reset yourself for feeling energized, vibrant and lighter in 2020!

Join this 4-week online group program to support you with a physical and emotional detox. Reset your taste buds, your digestion, your relationship to food, and your mental outlook in just a few weeks.

This is not a ‘diet’. You’ll follow an eating plan that will nourish and rebalance your body. You won’t go hungry, and you’ll have support and tools to manage feelings of deprivation and other emotions.

You’ll most likely drop a few pounds, your skin will look brighter and you’ll notice improved sleep and energy.

Reset your taste buds, your digestion, your relationship to food, and your mental outlook in just a few weeks.

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The protocol consists of a basic Elimination Diet technique that will help you to discover any ‘culprit’ foods that are dragging you down, keeping weight on you, or causing fatigue, or energy drops, digestive issues, or other unpleasant symptoms. We’ll eliminate these foods for the first 3 weeks (approximately) and then you will slowly introduce each food group to ‘test’ it.

You’ll be amazed at how different you feel and how much your desire for these foods has lessened in such a short time. You also might surprise yourself with your newfound desire for greens and veggies.

But… how can you possibly get through three whole weeks without eating some of your most favorite foods?

That’s where the group support and the coaching comes in. In addition to weekly group coaching calls, you’ll be invited to a secret private Facebook group where I’ll field questions and answers, do a little coaching online, and you’ll connect with others who are going through the same program and experiencing similar issues.

It’s so much easier to take on something like this with the energy of the group behind you!

We’ll use various life coaching tools, including EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to ease you through the resistance you might to feel about quitting favorite foods and beverages for a few weeks. You’ll receive guidance and assistance for moving through the various obstacles that come up in the outside world.

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What you’ll get:

  • Training and instructions on the eating protocol. The how-to’s and why it’s helpful. You’ll get this as an e-book that you can print if you desire, along with an audio to listen to.
  • Shopping Lists – what to stock up on and what to put away
  • Recipes (to be delivered each week)
  • List of suggested detox aids, such as supplements and essential oils
  • Instructions on how to correctly use EFT Tapping
  • Weekly Coaching calls where can get support for the issues you’re facing as you begin to detox.
    Calls are recorded, so if you can’t attend live you can watch/listen later. Even when you are not coached yourself, you will definitely get a lot of benefit from listening to others be coached and tapping along with the call.
  • Next Steps to take you powerfully into 2020, ready to maintain your newfound vigor and radiance, drop more weight if that’s your goal, and feel inspired for what’s next.


Program starts January 13th and runs for 4 weeks

Investment:  $97

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Registration CLOSES on Friday, January 10th


This is a hormone-balancing reset program. You will NOT go hungry, you get to enjoy three meals a day while your body becomes rebalanced. Your taste buds adjust to a greater enjoyment of whole foods and your stomach and gut will begin to shift into a positive and supportive balance.

Supplements are suggested but not required.

Why this is different than other cleanses and detoxes?

Most detox plans are from a book or you read about them online. You’re on your own for implementing and it can be easy to get off track as life happens.

You’ve experienced it before… you start off with the best intentions. But then it’s simply too hard to stick to the plan so you quit early. OR, you follow the plan but as soon as it ends you’re right back to your old, unhelpful eating habits.

This program gives you DAILY support and encouragement, and you will be coached and assisted in releasing your emotional attachments to foods and get ideas for handling that natural human resistance to change.

Unlike most other programs, this is a small group where you are guaranteed to get your specific, individual questions answered by the leader. Plus, you have the opportunity to be coached yourself on the group calls.

That’s why this is a physical AND emotional detox!

Join us NOW

Registration closes at Midnight on January 10th. This gives you the full weekend to prepare

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