Why I Almost Lost It In Line at CVS

God, the other day I was stuck in the pharmacy line at CVS and it just so happened to be right next to the ‘Get Skinny’ aisle. AKA diet products. This is literally my face when I see this shit!

It’s like…. Ewwww! It really just pisses me off!

I mean really?! “Freeze the fat away”?? For 99 bucks?

I don’t just feel angry though, actually my heart hurts when I think about all the people (mostly women!) that get lured in with this crap!

And believe me, I know it happens… I fell into some of those gimmicky sales traps more than once when I was wishing I had a different body. (Not usually in CVS though).

You just start to feel so desperate when you can’t figure out how to stick to a diet or get rid of the weight.

It follows you around, lingering in the back of your mind, I mean how could it not? Your body is always with you.

And, before you know it you’re buying a bottle of asparagus pills.

(True story. 🙄 Hot tip: it didn’t work. LOL)

I also feel a little sick when I see stuff like this because, hey – I’m a Life Coach who helps women lose weight.

This time though it only took me a couple of seconds to actually feel PROUD of the work I do with helping women lose menopausal weight.

I am SAVING them from getting sucked into wasting time and money over and over again only to be disappointed, and worse to feel even more shitty about themselves and their body.

Holy shit, I am so glad I figured this weight stuff out for myself.

I stopped looking for the solution outside of me. I stopped trying to use will power to wrestle myself into following a diet or to stop eating and drinking the things I craved.


I learned a totally different pathway to loving my body and to finally releasing 30 pounds of post menopausal weight. Now, my weight is literally a non-issue.

I have zero worries about gaining it back. My whole psyche around food and my body has shifted.

I can now focus on other things. Like my creativity, or what I want to do in the world, how I want to serve.

This pathway to weight loss that I discovered works for everyone!

This year I intend to help 20 women feel good, look good, and DO good through my program: The Menopausal Weight Release Solution.
Maybe you, or someone you know is ready to finally release that extra weight…. And you’re sick of all the gimmicks.

If it’s time to ditch the diets that don’t work, and release that extra weight once and for all, let’s talk!

Contact me to schedule a free Weight Release Assessment. Or just book yours right here. 
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